January 6 keywords and

Keyword Avg. monthly searches Competition Suggested bid
paula deen best dishes 390 0.11 3.25
paula deen savannah restaurant 210 0.09 2.29
paula deen potato casserole 320 0.21 2.27
food network cupcakes 260 0.16 2.24
paula deen stew 210 0.09 1.97
food network healthy recipes 390 0.29 1.95
food network dishes 320 0.96 1.93
paula deen fried chicken recipe 880 0.04 1.93
ground beef recipes food network 320 0.27 1.9
paula deen mini cheesecake recipe 260 0.17 1.9
easy healthy recipes 22200 0.35 1.87
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apple pie recipe paula deen 590 0.09 1.38
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food network gifts 110 0.95 1.33
dinner ideas 246000 0.34 1.32
paula deen thanksgiving 390 0.17 1.31
paula deen furniture sale 590 1 1.25
food network subscription 170 0.98 1.25
meatloaf recipe food network 880 0.35 1.22
paula deen coupons 90 0.36 1.2
food network magazine gift subscription 110 0.93 1.2
paula deen furniture line 170 1 1.19
paula deen pots and pans set 70 1 1.13
paula deen christmas cookies 320 0.36 1.08


brought back the country to no country on 31st january

removed nav 22nd january

put to USA on 11th.

put to unlisted on 13th feb.

17th put on no counyrt. the best. paula deen cookie and cuip cakes give best clicks.

put www. as preferred url – 17th feb

also in analsytics see how analaytics pick data.


check titles and rewites etc in All in one seo. some wrongs. also the page titles not displayign also some categories not set to index and tags. chnage all tgs. use all except womendress. then l;ater come back to it. also check ecommerce content. ecommerce. egovernment. seo.



header chnage


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google_ad_client = “ca-pub-3575245353394313″;
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google_ad_slot = “8113280715″;
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<script type=”text/javascript”


http://wordpress.org/plugins/cbpress/  - clickbank

23rd removed medai paertners in lower robots. now basic same as other blogs.

4th feb. put only food network cupcakes.

4th febraury 0.20 ads. sticky cup cake. I used the highest lcik frim in opage analystics to arrive.

today 5th removing the image ds and leaving only text to see.

7th removed infolinks

chnaged to 2010 theme 3rd march

removed feed 3rd mar, back on 4th

women ws has no inde for categories etc. on 3rd chnged to index.

anytime update theme, lost the adsense.


1. Heade,footer food network paula dee,r – 30%

2. Older Post Link s – 14%

3. Beef stew recipe, Beef tenderloin, cheesecake, cheesecake cookies, chciken recipes,  baking chocolate chip cookies, christmas cookie recipes, christmas recipes, foodnetwork.com paula deen, foodtv.com paula dean, paula dean recipes,    paula deen food network,  paula den cookware 1%

4. christmas squares, culimry school page, 1.9


5. paula deen best dishes,


7. Baking chip cookie, cheesecake, christmas cookie recipes, chocolate chip cookies,  - 17% when on page



TAG – 00:01:43 NO BOUNCE

PAGE - 00:00:27 NO BOUNCE


POST - 00:00:11 NO BOUNCE

HOME - 00:01:59 BOUNCE IS 21.95%

on Monday 10th, chnage the links on the page to blue.

chnage ad units to blue and lets see. But think twice – blue almso makes the infolinks and ads look similar.







paula deen cookware – 3
paula deen cookware sets – 3
paula deen dinnerware set – 3
paula deen cookbook – 3
paula deen pots – 3
paula deen tea kettle – 3

food network magazine – 5
food network cookware – 5
food network dinnerware – 5
foodnetwork cookbook – 5
http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/paula deen cookware/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20

http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/paula deen cookware sets/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20

http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/paula deen dinnerware set /new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20

http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/paula deen cookbook/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20

http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/paula deen pots/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20
http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/paula deen tea kettle/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20
http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/food network magazine/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20
http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/food network cookware/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20
http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/food network dinnerware/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20
http://www.amazon.com/rss/tag/foodnetwork cookbook/new/ref=tag_tdp_rss_new_man?tag=foonetpaudee-20


limit the lentgth


25th march, 2014

added categries, archive  and tags to wm xml. used teh same configuation for ws.


4th april.

chnaged country in wma to usa.

later see if woermn and easy and oeths too.

also oteer ws no prefereed domain. to do that. plus set country.

15th april

easy to 2014 theme. chnaged country usa.


when ws in bing webamster txt sitemap msn  bot it 1. now xml. any chnge?

do more posts for the keywords and schedule.

see kw above and for exmaple healthy recipes all in fn.

17th April.

Conider this theme for EC


Food network recipes cheese potatoes for Easter

Food network recipe potato-bake

Food network recipe potato bake

Food Network recipes makes something special for this Easter.  The four cheese scallop potatoes make one cool dish you can try cooking for a really festive occasion.  Its an hour recipe full of mozzarella cheese and heavy cream. In one of its popular variant, you can flavor up the meal with bay leaves.

Rub butter into skillet,  place over medium heat, add garlic and spices, thin-slice your potatoes into the pan,  add cheese and pepper, put cream and bay leaves.  Continue frying till cooked.

Simple food network recipe with the goodness of the season.  You can have a glass of some cool fruit juice to go with the potatoes.  Pictured above is the preparation.

Food network Ellie Krieger with carrot cupcake

Food network Ellie Krieger with carrot cupcake

Food network Ellie Krieger with carrot cupcake

Ellie Krieger makes carrot cup cakes with a tint of lemon. The fruity taste in combination with cinnamon introduces a new delicacy to her list of cookie recipes. The carrot cup cake is an ideal way to bake small and nice for a few number of people or for a personal celebration.  It dwells more on applesauce and walnut for a gritty taste.  A simple bake of 20 min and a dozen cup cakes from a cup of flour.