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Paula dean recipes are carefully selected Southern and other meals and food for your cooking. You can have Paula dean recipes of different cultures.

Paula Deen seafood special – grilled tilapia

Paula-deen-seafood-grilled-tilapia-recipeSeafood remains an all time delicacy for almost everyone. This Paula Deen grilled tilapia makes the perfect outdoor fish food recipe for  a weekend.  Really, its a BBQ with tilapia fillets, spices and vegetables.  Basically, you would prepare  sauce –  laden with onions and tomatoes – then grill the fillets. When both are well-cooked, spread the sauce over the fillets, as if you are glazing.  Simple dish for a special family event or a personal relaxation at the patio.

Paula Deen food challenge contestant wins with chicken recipe


Paula Deen recipes took a pleasant turn this week with the Recipe Swap and Photo Challenge. It was an occasion that allowed contestants to submit recipes which will become the food Paula Deen will cook over the coming weeks. For this week’s contest, the judges selected Stovetop Chicken Parmesan Rollatini from Patricia Stagich as the winner. She takes home Paula Deen cookbook and cookware.  The recipe is made from bread crumbs, herbs and spices. The dish is pictured top left, the winner, below.Paula-deen-food-competition-winner

Rum cake recipes paula deen with natural condiments

Rum-cake-recipes -paula deen-natural-tasteThis rum cake recipes paula deen looks much like cupcakes except for the crust. It is yet another of Paula’s recipes that places emphasis on traditional home cooking. It takes its aroma and texture from care full selected condiments like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg to render a more homely bake. The coloring looks richer if you use dark rum.