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Paula Dean makes easy easy recipes. From this website, you will find Paula Dean recipes of many different cooking styles.

Spicy chicken lasagna wins Paula Deen food contest

Paula-deen-food-weel-winner-with-chickenThe winner for the Paula Deen food contest for this week has been announced. It was won by Diana Kostigen.  The winner emerged after Paula and her associates at Springer Mountain Farms sifted through a host of close contestants. By this ward, Di’s recipe makes it to Paula’s menu list in the coming weeks.

Lasagna is a mellow taste poultry dish with cut tomatoes, white beans and mozzarella cheese.


The paula dean mexican recipe

Chicken_Empanadas_from_the_kitchen_of_paula_deenPaula deen recipes with Mexican ingredients or cooking abound on Food Network. The most common of them is the Chicken Empanadas. These paula deen recipes collection are a favorite because it is easy to cook.  Each cooking can yield 12 to 15 emprenadas.

Food network recipes made simple and fast to cook

Tasty recipe - the Paula Deen mocha snack

Tasty recipe - the Paula Deen mocha snack

This recipe called Mama’s Iced Mocha is one of my favorites. It is fast to make and so if you have less time at hand, it provides you with a delicious snack. It is a Paula recipe featured on the Taste of the Town show. It will take just 5 min of your time and you will need great tasting ingredients like chocolate milk and chocolate sauce .